Other applications soybean lecithin

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1. Application of agriculture and agricultural products (0.1% -5.0%)
      Add phospholipids in crop protection agents, can enhance the efficacy of the active ingredients, reduce the amount of active ingredient to ensure the stability of the emulsion containing the active ingredient in water. Phospholipids have prevented vegetables and rice and other crop pests and diseases, because it is no toxicity and pollution, so it has more advantages than the current pesticides. Phospholipids and common pesticides used in conjunction with, for example, various fungi and viruses Yang system insecticide dimethoate, carbendazim, chlorothalonil and thiophanate blending effects, etc., so that the amount of fungicide can be reduced by 30%, greatly reducing costs reduce pollution and environmental pollution. Phospholipids can act alone or in cooking oil and mixed alcohol solvent, for example, lecithin, and diluted with water directly into the above solution 2mg L /, used to control wasps, powdery mildew, it can simultaneously control of rice blast, sheath blight and three common bacterial blight and other pests and diseases. As the concentration is increased to 5mg / L is better, it can be completely effective prevention above three kinds of pests and diseases.
Phospholipids are pesticide formulation additives, emulsifying, but also to improve the adhesion and penetration of pesticides. According to reports, Japan with 70% lecithin and 30% ethyl carbitol formulated as dairy, under the trade name "lecithin emulsion" for sale. After dilution with water administration, powdery mildew can prevent a variety of vegetables, while fruit pests have good control effect. Phospholipids dissolved in vegetable oil, sprinkle in the paddy fields, farmland, ditch pond water, it can form a stable film is non-toxic to humans and animals, so the water mosquito larvae suffocation. Because phospholipids nontoxic, and have some fertilizer, so foreign has a large area for paddy mosquito. In addition, the phospholipid component coating is recommended a variety of fruits and vegetables. Join phospholipids in the oil pesticide formulations, can eliminate the toxicity of pesticides and other plant.
      For agriculture and agricultural phospholipid products are generally concentrated phospholipid.
2. coatings, inks, photosensitive agent application (1% -2%)
      Phospholipid can be used as anti-oxidants, coloring agents, catalysts, modifiers in paints, inks, photosensitive agent, dispersing aids, emulsifiers, grinding aids, coating aids, wetting agents, stabilizers, viscosity modifiers Wait. Make pigment is uniformly dispersed to prevent sedimentation; water-borne paint stabilized; the dried film having luster; but also to improve the fluidity of printing inks.
3. petroleum products (0.5%)
      Add in automotive lubricants 0.5% Lecithin, can prevent the formation of gum, Yang made the viscosity increase and the formation of acid, to prevent embers alkyl residue and other precipitates adhered to the engine, extending its lubrication life. Fuel oil added 0.1% -0.5% phospholipids, can prevent turbidity and oil on metal corrosion tetraethyl lead occurs in oil, and prevents carbon particles deposited on the surface of the cylinder and piston. Heavy oil is also very effective as a flame retardant.
4. The application of rubber
      Add in natural rubber, synthetic rubber, hard rubber and recycled rubber in the right amount of phospholipids, a softening, dispersing, promote curing and aging aspects of the function.
5. Paint
      Phospholipid added to the paint can shorten the kneading time in the manufacturing process, to prevent pigment sedimentation. Can produce good color, paint enhance performance, so paint surface dry, smooth membrane, soft, bright.
6. audiovisual material
      High-purity phospholipids are recording, a video tape, computer disks, and a very good film magnetic slurry emulsifying agent.
7. Application of detergents
      Phospholipids can increase the anionic detergent to get rid of dirt drying or baking disk capacity, as well as containing alkali metal and soap fishy agent cleaning ability. Further, phospholipids N- glutamate can improve detergency.
8. Application of the defense industry
      In the defense industry, the phospholipids more flourish it as a solid rocket propellant additives exert its excellent surface activity, which greatly improves the flow and leveling properties during pouring of solid drug. The quality of the drug inside the rocket engine to improve and enhance the mechanical and physical and mechanical properties.
9. Application of plastic products, knit
      Plastic products, knit dyeing, phospholipids add prevents pigment sedimentation.
In addition to a variety of uses described above, the phospholipids can be used as a wood preservative and planktonic dressing agent.

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