Soy lecithin used in cosmetics

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  Cosmetics are protected, modification, beautify the human body, so looks tidy, increase the charm, with a pleasant aroma to coating, rub, sprinkle, spray, washing and other daily necessities manner.
      Cosmetics can be divided into a skin cosmetic, hair cosmetic, cosmetics, special cosmetics, the oral hygiene products and aromatherapy cosmetics. There are cosmetic skin cream, cream, honey, liquid, milk cosmetics; hair cosmetics include shampoo, conditioner, hair, curly hair, shaving, hair removal and other supplies; cosmetics include powder, perfume, rouge and eye cosmetics section to use, with a nose, lips with nail cosmetics; special cosmetics include facial mask, bath, cleaning, whitening with, tanning use, sunscreen use, massage, Yang sweat and deodorant use with cosmetics; oral sanitary items, including tooth cleaning agents, water and gargle mouthwash and the like; aromatic cosmetics including perfume, indoor deodorant, air fresheners and the like.
      One natural raw materials containing phosphoric acid phospholipid lecithin, its widespread presence in the skin and other biological membranes, it has long been used as a cosmetic. Because phospholipids have emulsification, make foam stability, good dispersion and permeation properties of phospholipids can give skin oil, resulting in moisturizing and antioxidant effects. Phospholipids used in cosmetics, can improve wetting effect, nutritional effects, smearing effect and adhesion effect, but also to improve the skin feel, reduced greasiness, improved water retention, is an important cosmetic additive. Such as soap, shampoo, skin cream, cream, senior bath, hand cream, hair wax, lipstick, hair conditioner, sunscreen oil phospholipids senior cosmetics can be used. Egg yolk lecithin produced high-end cosmetics, has antioxidant, moisturizing penetration and so on, can not be replaced by other cosmetic products. Moreover, as people phospholipid deeper understanding of science and technology continues to develop, use value phospholipids in cosmetics will become increasingly important.

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