Soybean lecithin in Leather Chemical Industry

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  Role of phospholipids leather summed up lubrication, plasticizers, thickening and hydrophobic effects.
      1. lubrication
      Crude phospholipid components contain a certain amount of neutral oil, to lubricate the skin fibers, giving the leather a certain softness. Phospholipid itself has an affinity skin collagen, the fibers in the skin to form a combination of physical and chemical adsorption film films, these films can play a role in lubricating the fibers but also to prevent oxidation of fats, play a surface protection.
      2. plasticizing effect
      Phospholipids have a plasticizing effect on the protein, so that when the leather greasing, phospholipids can be used as a protein softener (plasticizer) use. By increasing the plasticizing effect of collagen fibers make leather softness and elasticity improved. Plasticizing action can also be applied to the production of phospholipids casein and other leather finishing agent.
      3. thickening
      Thickening of phospholipids, do not rule out simply with the physical "filling effect" to explain, and chemically "filling effect" to explain it seems more appropriate. Phospholipid containing phosphate surfactant, in addition to the molecule contains a phosphate group, also contain other reactive groups, so that it can combine chemically with collagen fibers to form a composite body. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of other central and Cr3 + ions generated complex. According to materials, metal ions such as Cr3 + or Al3 + with (OH) containing compound or -OPO 2 -COOH functional groups to form a complex.
      4. hydrophobic interaction
      Phospholipid products treated with leather, its non-polar lipophilic group toward the air, while the polar hydrophilic group point to the fiber surface, leather fiber surface orientation adsorption layer having water repellency is formed, so that the leather has a certain drainage effect.
      5. wire optical effect
      Phospholipids treated leather silk fiber has good optical performance, known as silky.

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