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Phospholipids for health care, is an area of nearly 20 years of rapid development. According to reports, President of the International Society of phospholipids, pharmacology expert Aloys Demirel Haring has pointed out: "edible phospholipids can improve memory and brain cell activity aging of the elderly, especially those who are better growth and development of children," and so on. Especially lecithin phospholipids as human health care and medicine supplies research, more and more influenced by nutrition, pharmacology, medical experts attention. To this end, the world set off a phospholipid food hot, middle-aged to modern disease prevention and treatment, in particular the prevention of Alzheimer's, the majority of women for the beauty and weight loss, children and young students need for the brain puzzle are widely consumed soy lecithin. Phospholipids are the United States nearly 30 years, said the development of the most important nutritional supplement products, Japan has called phospholipids are based on modern medicine, pharmacy, nutrition knowledge arising out of, is the process of biochemical reactions in the human body can play the most effective role of substance.

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