Show mingling in the Year of the phospholipid 2014FIC

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The 18th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition on 25-27 March 2014 held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition! A number of exhibitors from various countries and regions around the world copolymerization Shanghai World Expo Exhibition, nearly 300 overseas exhibitors, more than 800 leading international products and technologies and functional food additives and ingredients domestic exhibitors, bringing together industry leaders at home and abroad and well-known brand, the world's leading technology synchronous display and leading-edge products and technologies.

The exhibition, in addition to our professional audience to visit the exhibition and food industry experts, manufacturers, buyers and other shows in the Year of the phospholipid phospholipid its outstanding products, more emphasis on the practical application of the above products and application effect in the food ingredients market and the scene the audience had a very good interaction, widely phospholipid our products have been recognized with concern the food ingredients industry professionals. In order to meet today's fast-growing functional food, health food market demand, our company will also display the focus turned to the health, functional products. Safe, natural, nutritious, versatile phospholipid products are on display in the Year of the top priority. This exhibition Division I maintained a booth area of 18 square, stable and healthy phospholipid products and related propaganda platform continues to mature, better display of the phospholipids in creating the corporate culture to foreign businessmen, also in line with the current revitalization of the domestic products the tide of history.

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