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Lecithin (scientific name: phosphatidylcholine, PC) is transparent phospholipids or lecithin powder as raw material, refined liquid or paste products. Lecithin is one of the main factors brain function, lipid-lowering and other health care products, the content of PC is essential the role of nutrition and health in many health food, medicine revolves around content and the development of PC.

主要指标The main indicators



The product is enriched phosphatidylcholine, it can be directly used as a nutritional supplement, easily dispersed in water, soluble in ethanol.


Packing: net weight 20 kg / box
Storage methods and shelf life: sealed storage, dark, damp, cool and dry place (storage temperature at 15-25 ℃), the shelf life of 12 months
Standard: People's Republic of China industry standards, "phospholipid General technical conditions" (LS / T 3219-1994)

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