Soy Lecithin production line

Soy Lecithin production line

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Overview: The rapid development of China's soybean processing enterprises, processing about 30 million tons annually of soybean, soybean phospholipids of natural resources are very rich. Degummed oil foot stable quality production of large oil extraction plant, soybeans by cleaning, peeling, vacuum evaporation stripping, low temperature dehydration production of soy Lecithin is a food grade phospholipid ideal raw materials. But our country in the production of food grade phospholipid amount is too small, phospholipids resources are not put to good use, because of technical reasons, such as long drying time, high temperatures, equipment operation and stability of poor, low quality standards for national Lecithin, Soy Lecithin color deep and with the smell, taste bad, most Lecithin instead of oil additive in the feed industry, compared with the oil feed additive brings sweet taste and smooth appearance. Not a lot of applications in the food industry, reflected in the high quality low **** insolubles indicators. So to develop food grade soybean lecithin, first of all to improve the quality of raw soybeans Lecithin.

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rise of natural nutrition and health products industry, soy lecithin products with excellent quality and value-added development and utilization prospects make it very attractive. Since the phospholipid has good dispersing, emulsifying, wetting, prevent oxidation and other features, widely used in food, chemicals, feed and other industries.
     The company according to the characteristics of hydration foot oil, Soy Lecithin develop production lines, with continuous production, the product light color, quality and stability, and low energy consumption. Applied to Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Xinjiang, northeast of the dozens of Lecithin manufacturers, praised by users.

 Process: hydration foot in quenching oil tank after quenching, by a dedicated foot oil feed pump to the thin film evaporator feed. Hydration foot oil at a certain temperature and vacuum conditions, in the thin film evaporator continuously dehydrated and concentrated after dehydration into the phospholipid temporary storage tank phospholipids, phospholipid finally withdrawn from the filling pump out.

   product quality

project Index
Exterior There is a sense of transparency
Moisture and volatile matter% ≤ 1
Acetone insolubles% ≥ 60
Acid value mgKOH / g ≤ 30


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