Soy lecithin powder production line

Soy lecithin powder production line

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Overview:Deep processing of soybean lecithin is still in its infancy, the current domestic production of powder phospholipids about 3000 tons / year, according to the food industry and other relevant market research, China's annual demand of more than 10,000 tons of soybean phospholipids. With the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical, Bao Jian goods and cosmetics and other industries, demand for powder phospholipid will significantly increase its market is extremely broad. 

     The company successfully developed a soybean lecithin powder equipment, the technology and equipment have investment, stable product quality, low consumption. Has been undertaking with Shanghai Jin Food Co., 200 tons / year lecithin powder production line, Shihezi Chang oil 300 tons / year lecithin powder and other production lines. More than 80% of the domestic market share.


 The process to concentrate the phospholipid as raw material, with two extraction solvent de-oiling, centrifugation, vacuum drying to obtain the product. After mixing oil
   Multi-effect evaporation to recover the solvent by distillation dehydration solvent recycling.

    Main economic indicators

Name standard
Appearance color Chak Brown yellow color, was powder form
Acetone insolubles% ≥ 95
**** Insolubles% ≤ 0.5
Moisture% ≤ 2.0
Acid value mgKOH / g ≤ 30.0
Heavy Metal ppm ≤ 20
Arsenic (As) ppm ≤ 2.0

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