Phospholipid soft capsule production lin

Phospholipid soft capsule production line

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Overview: phospholipid with a variety of features and nutritional value of the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system and the storage and transport of lipids in vivo organ plays an important role. In order to prevent and treat the elderly a modern disease, the majority of women in the pursuit of beauty and weight loss, children and young students in order to increase brain intelligence, are widely eaten phospholipid products. Soy lecithin products are listed as national safety, versatile and natural food additives.


Soy lecithin soft capsule, is the use of a capsule manufacturing machine to Lecithin refined, quantitative pressure injection, and encapsulated in gelatin film, and the formation of a certain size and shape of the product. The product has to facilitate storage, portable, swallow and other characteristics, and the disintegration speed, high bioavailability. At present, China phospholipid soft capsules, mainly imported from the United States or Germany, consumption in double-digit annual growth rate. Therefore, to develop the product and expand production scale, market prospects are very broad.

   Production process:

Product quality indicators:
Product quality, because the product is currently no national standard, requirements of product quality indicators meet or exceed the domestic like product standards.

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