Drying tower

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Overview: grain, oil production of large, widely distributed, often rainy harvest weather, air humidity, material manufacturer takeover because they can not dry during storage, often occurs mildew, deterioration, spontaneous combustion and other accidents. In response to this situation, we have examined the existing home and abroad on the basis of grain drying equipment, developed for China's national conditions of grain and oilseeds drying equipment. The equipment investment, low energy consumption, easy to operate, pollution-free, high dehumidification efficiency, is all kinds of grain, oil refinery and other enterprises the ideal drying equipment.

How it works: Material from the elevator into the top of the drying tower, in the process of slowly declining, full contact with the hot air as the drying medium, and constantly changing to flip, cross-flow drying, uniform precipitation, and finally by air heat exchanger, the drying good material cooled storage.

◆ Features:
1, the system process is reasonable, the device structure organized, small footprint, less investment in infrastructure.
2, the use of cross-flow drying, rapeseed grain during the drying process automatic commutation, high production efficiency, precipitation capability and product pollution, no Jiaohu, storage temperature appropriate.
3, the implementation of the material level automatic control, waste heat can be fully utilized, simple, safe and reliable, both continuous production, but also intermittent operation.
4, the heating source according to conditions on the ground, select hot stove, oil furnace, steam boiler.
5, the machine can be a machine, also apply to dry rice, corn, wheat, soybeans and other grains.
6, the drying cost is very low.


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