Mixing oil filter

Mixing oil filter

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Overview: concentrated mixture of oil produced in the oil extraction process contains a lot of impurities (meal at the end). Their presence not only resulted in the evaporation process is mixing oil blocking evaporation, turn cans, and oxidative decomposition phenomena occur during evaporation, the oil quality is reduced. Mainly for color depth, extraction of crude oil turbid, especially hydration oil production utilization foot lecithin products, have serious quality problems. The existing technology and equipment not very effective method on the impurity problem.

◆ Features:
1, filter made of stainless steel wire around the ladder structure, no damage, a large flow area.
2, filtration rate, good filtering effect.
3, automatic control, simple operation, high degree of continuous
4, compact, small footprint, can be installed directly on the original equipment.
5, simple structure, less wearing parts, and easy maintenance.
6, no waste discharge, residues filtered return to the leaching vessel.


Specifications Model Capacity m3 / h Out of the oil port
YLT10 3~5 DN50
YLT20 5~10 DN65
YLT30 10~15 DN80
YLT40 15~20 DN100
YLT50 25~30 DN100

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